Coming May 27th at the Ferguson Center for the Arts

The American Youth Ballet Company Presents

A new production

created for the child in all of us!

Near a mysterious enchanted Woods, friends and neighbors of a sweet, country village have gathered to celebrate the coming summer harvests. Hosted by the Loard Mayor and his wife, great festival for the season has brought harvesters, flower girls, vineyard keepers, shepherds, bakers, ribbon makers, and even a country maiden and her ducklings to enjoy the season though the wonders of music and dance.

In their midst but unknown to them, the mischievous god Pan, dressed as a real boy, has come to join in their merry making. But the celebration is suddenly interrupted by an evil Soceress, sister to the Fairy Queen of the enchanted Woods, who enlists the aid of two youngvillage ruffians to help her steal her sister's fairy wings and gain control of her isster's realm. Will the good fairies of the Enchanted Woods and Pan save the Fairy Queen from her wicked sister? Come Join us and experience the exuberant music and dance of the Enchanted Woods and to see how the tale ends!

A Tale from the Enchanted Woods

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